Gosen Jigging Braid

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If you want to know why the GOSEN 8 ply jigging braid is so good please read on:
1. The GOSEN 8 ply is made from Omega grade PE - the tensile strength is higher than standard PE. The technical description of this type of PE is High Modulus High Density Polyethylene Multifilament.
2. This allows a softer and smoother texture because it is constructed from finer filaments than other material.
1. SDE Process - this is a Micro Pitch 8 ply (carrier) high density braiding for high abrasion resistance.
2. GT Process - this reduces the gaps between filaments (braids) to enhance strength and suppleness.
3. Coating - the special coating makes the line highly durable and have a high water resistance which improves the lines ability to hold colour.
4. Special resin coating process for jigging - the resin impregnation rate has been increased to allow the line to tolerate intense jigging.
5. Silicon Oiling Process - the line has special silicon oil on the surface to reduce the friction and allow the line to pass through runners more easily.