Spro BBZ-1 Swimbait 8" Fast Sink - Killer Carp

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The Spro BBZ swimbaits designed by swimbait expert Bill Siemantel were designed to cover the entire water column. The BBZ Fast Sink allows an angler to get this bait deep quickly and keep it deep. The lifelike action of the BBZ comes from the counter balanced pin segments in the joints. This joint system allows the BBZ to swim with a natural motion. The Spro BBZ has soft but durable fins and tail section for a lively natural presentation. The soft tail section is colored to perfectly match the hard body of the BBZ. The BBZ color options are extremely realistic and natural.

All Spro BBZ Swimbaits come equipped with Gamakatsu 1/0 2X Strong Treble hooks and Spro Power Split Rings.

Spro Length Weight Class
BBZ-1 FS 8" 5.3oz Fast Sink